Derived from a non-GMO purple corn hybrid, grown and harvested exclusively by Suntava®, Sayela®, Suntava Whole Grains, and Suntava® Purple Corn Extract provide an unprecedented opportunity to benefit consumers who value health and wellness. These anthocyanin-rich products meet the functional requirements necessary to serve a wide range of applications within a variety of markets.

whole grains
Suntava Purple Corn OhsSuntava Whole Grains are rich in high-value anthocyanins, giving manufacturers a competive advantage. The starches, proteins, and oils also deliver consistent quality and uniform color manufacturers can rely upon. Learn More...

Suntava Purple Corn NutraSuntava® Purple Corn Extract, an abundant, all-natural source of three powerful antioxidants-- Cyanidin-3-Glucoside (C3G), Peonidin, and Pelargonidin–aids dietary supplement, cosemeceutical, and functional foods manufacturers in satisfying consumer demand for products with added health benefits. Learn More...

Sayela delivers natural red colorants, derived from Suntava purple cornSayela Colorants fuse the best of nature and science--delivering manufacturers across a range of markets a reliable source of stable, vibrant color variation, derived from all-natural sources. Learn More...
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Competitive Advantage
  • Abundance; corn is a widely understood and harvested botanical
  • Grown in the USA
  • Supply chain security; Suntava controls the entire process, from seed to sale
  • Breeding is integrated with both process and product development

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