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Purple Corn
A historical perspective and the potential health benefits available in one of the world's most widely understood crops.
Natural dyes and antioxidants permeate the entire Suntava Purple Corn plant.
An overview of anthocyanins, free radicals, and the potential health benefits of Sayela®-specific antioxidants.

A summary of well-known polyphenols and the human health benefits studies suggest they provide.

A scientific protocol that demonstrates a plant's antioxidant power.

Definitions of frequently used words.

research notes
“A major study of children’s diet by scientists at Southampton University, as well as evidence from toxicologists elsewhere, will finally prove that fears about junk food [additives] are not just the preoccupation of a handful of neurotic families.”

-The (London) Sunday Times, Healthily off color, 05/13/2007

Cyanidin may have benefits for the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

-The Journal of Nutrition, Dietary Cyanidin 3-O-ß-D-Glucoside-Rich Purple Corn Color Prevents Obesity and Ameliorates Hyperglycemia in Mice, 133:2125-2130, July 2003.

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