Suntava® promotes healthier consumer products. We produce pure, functional ingredients—naturally derived from agricultural and botanical sources—for the world's leading food, nutraceutical, and cosmetics manufacturers.

Suntava® purple corn: Amaizingly Good for you®

Suntava® Purple Corn is a proprietary, Non-GMO corn, cultivated from ancient species and harvested using modern methods. Its deep, vivid hue hints at the extraordinarily high level of anthocyanins that permeate the entire plant.


Suntava Purple Corn Ohs


With Suntava Purple Corn, food manufacturers can expect consistent color, texture, taste, and quality in their whole grain products. Learn More…



Suntava Purple Corn Nutra


Suntava Purple Corn Extract offers a reliable source of antioxidants, including C3G, to dietary supplement, cosmeceutical, and functional foods manufacturers. Learn More...

Sayela - natural red color derived from Suntava purple corn


Introducing Sayela, a superior natural colorant that delivers consistent, stable color variation across the red spectrum. Learn More...


Suntava Purple Corn delivers ingredient stability, reliability, and affordability in products including:

  • snacks (tortilla chips, corn chips, pop chips, etc.)
  • cereals
  • soft drinks
  • confections
  • baked goods
  • snacks
  • dairy
  • condiments
  • Bars (granola, energy, meal replacement, weight management)
  • proteins
  • cosmetics
  • dietary supplements
  • OTC/pharma

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35 a day

Did you know?

According to 4 recently published studies, a daily intake of only 35 mg of anthocyanins is associated with reduced risk of heart attack, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and promotes overall healthy aging. The current average daily intake in the U.S. is 12.5 mg. Our lab results have shown that snacks, cereals, crackers and even some baked goods made with Suntava Purple Corn are providing 18 – 35 mg of anthocyanins per 1 oz serving!